Hi, I am fairly new to this forum :)
I have designed processes in ARIS for 5+ years, but in a new job I am becoming the administrator of our ARIS, which means I am looking around in ARIS in ways I have not done before. I have searched this page, google in general and the ARIS manuals as well as playing around in our ARIS, but I am not able to find an answer - so: to my question:

We currently have action plans in a power point format for the different processes we document. This we would like to keep in ARIS instead, as the idea is to have a close connection between actions and processes as well as making it easy for the business to follow progress by having all information in one place.

I have looked into the model type Whiteboard which I believe we can use together with the attributes on our EPC models.

I am just not able to connect the two models... Does anyone know how I can do that?
Or are there any inputs to what else can be done?

Thank you :)