Hello everyone,

I would like to change the overview of the process fact sheet. For each section, there are multiple properties. For each of these properties, I can add / modify / remove properties. If I want to add property that doesn't exist, I just create one in "Item" , in whatever object I want. This works fine. For example, I add a property "Application used" as shown in the image below. I created this property in the Activity object (Item > Activities > + (create property)).

My problem is, if I want to add / modify / remove a property at a higher level : for example, in the overview, there are section A, B, C. In section B, there are "Activities", "Roles", etc. I would like to change the name of the property "Roles", but I just don't find it in the "Item". Also, when I create a new Item/Property "object", I can't add it to the section in the overview because it doesn't appear in the listBox when I click on "Add".

Does anyone know where I can modifiy / create a property and add it to the section of an overview please ?
Let me know it you need other explanation, or if it wasn't clear enough.

Thanks in advance !



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