Can BPMN and EPC process models live together in the same ARIS Cloud environment, within the same database, in peace and harmony and without creating conflicts with each other?  If yes, what are the main concepts and requirements to make this work?

I am asking because our consultant is saying we must pick one or the other, because (a) they don't get along and will create conflicts, and (b) we need one standard for our entire company.  I do not understand what are the problems they are talking about in (a) and that is the subject of this post.  Regarding part (b); I think we should use the model that is best suited to the purpose.  I see EPC as being much more business-friendly than BPMN, and I don't see why we would force the business to deal with all the complexities and difficulties of BPMN, if there is no reason to do that (such as RPA).  So I want to address any technical issues before I advocate for the use of both.

I would think that the objects, attributes, and relationships should work correctly and consistently across both model types to provide one coherent and integrated database, I cannot understand why that would not be the case.

General comments on the overall approach (picking one versus making both available), and the specifics (such as selecting the correct connections and attributes to make it work) will be very much appreciated.

Thanks In Advance,