Hello ARIS Community: I would like to make some user-friendliness improvements to the readability of BPMN models in ARIS Connect.  Right now I see three related issues in the screen display that make it difficult for the users to read the models:

1) Size of text in Pool and Lane names:  we would like the Pool and Lane names to be big and bold text, to make them easy to read on the screen.  But when we change this text size, it also changes the text size on the Role objects used in the models, which is not desireable.  Is there any way to change the Pool and Lane labels to large bold text, without also changing the text on the Role objects?  (we use role objects in the models to show the full RACI relationships, while the Lane only establishes the R=Responsible relationship)

2) Freeze the Pool and Lane names on the screen: currently when viewing a model, the Pool and Lane names disappear off the screen when the user scrolls right.  This makes it very easy to get lost; we can't tell what lane we are in.  Is there a way to freeze the Pool and Lane names on the screen, so they remain visible as the user scrolls across the model?  (like "freeze panes" in Excel)

3) Default scroll/zoom when opening a new model:  currently the view of a new model seems to take the same display as the previously viewed model.  Meaning if the user is at the lower-right corner of a BPMN model when they link to the next model, the next model opens from the lower right; then the user has to scroll up and left to get to the top left of the model, where the process usually begins.  Is there a setting to make all models open with the view in the upper left corner? 

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions, or follow up questions to clarify the need.