Hi ,

I am developing a script to create BPMN Models from a excel document.

I am able to create a Pool object but facing error while creating a Lane object . My script is ,

var newBPMNModel = selectedGroup.CreateModel(BPMNModelType, "MyBPMNModel", locle);
//Create Pool & Lane
var objPoolDef = selectedGroup.CreateObjDef(Constants.OT_BPMN_POOL, "MyPool", locle);
var newPool = newBPMNModel.createObjOcc(1530, objPoolDef , 1,1);
//Create Lane << Here I am facing issue

var newLane = newBPMNModel.createLane(Constants.OT_BPMN_LANE,Constants.LANE_HORIZONTAL);

Also need to know how we place this Lane inside the Pool .

Please Help,

Kartik Sarangi