Do you know how would I check for Screen models within a Screen Navigation Model? I can't use
the methods for retrieving all ObjOcc objects and referencing its respective ObjDef objects to make use of its AssignedModels() function. There are no ObjOcc objects found within the Screen Navigational Model but there are Screen Model occurrences. I don't want to use ModelList() function.

Here is a sample code snippet:

var assignedModelsLevel1 = srcOccurences[i].ObjDef().AssignedModels();
if (assignedModelsLevel1 != null) {
      for (var k = 0; k < assignedModelsLevel1.length; k++) {
               if (assignedModelsLevel1[k].TypeNum() == Constants.MT_SCREEN_NAV) {
                      //Returns NULL even if Navigation Model contains Screen Model
                      //var objects = assignedModelsLevel1[k].ObjOccList(); 
                      //Returns NULL too
       //var items=assignedModelsLevel1[k].ObjOccListFilter(Constants.MT_SCREEN_DES);

Here is a screen-shot of the contents of one of the Screen Navigation Model that I'm trying to read:

Tags: ARIS script tutorial