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Hi All,

We got a requirement to integrate between two applications, in that one application is using ARIS as it backend. We will receive the data from other application in XML format. What I need to do here is to convert the XML to AML and import it into ARIS Database.

For this I have written an XSLT for conversion of XML to AML and this should run on a daily basis, for that I have created a scheduler and the converted xml will be stored in one of the "Reports" folder in server. After that the import script will run and parse this xml and stores the data into ARIS database.

The problem here I am facing is after conversion the xml is stored under "Report" folder in server say for example the folder is "Import Scripts". Now when I check the same xml from ARIS in Script module under reports in "Import Scripts" folder I didnt see any "Text.xml" located there. What could be the issue? Does anyone faced similar issue before? Please let me know asap.

However vice versa is happening, I mean If I copy the same xml in ARIS script modules under "Import Scripts" folder it is reflecting in server where ARIS is installed.


by Torsten Haase
Posted on Tue, 02/18/2014 - 08:39

Hi Srinivas,
it is generally not a good idea to try to copy files into/from the ARIS server path structure. If you are using ARIS 9, this will not work at all because the scripts you see in Business Architect are stored inside a database and not in the file system anymore.

If you need to store them on the server file system and if you are sure you are really in a single-server scenario, you can store the XML file on a specific place on the server (for example the TEMP directory). Then you can access this file from within a report using Context.getFile or by using Java file streams.

BR, Torsten

by Srinivas CH Author
Posted on Tue, 02/18/2014 - 08:57

In reply to by thaase

Hi Torsten,

Thanks for the answer. I am not copying files in Business Architect, Actually we have created a scheduler which runs on daily basis and it stores the converted XML to Server (in my case it is stored in "Old Reports" folder). And in the same folder I have my import script which will take care of parsing the xml and stores the data into database.

Now after scheduler runs I can see "Text.xml" in server under directory, however the same is not reflecting in Business Architect in Reports module under "Old Reports" folder, so the importing process is now halted. Below is the line of code I used earlier for getting the file:

var importFile = Context.getFile("Text.xml", Constants.LOCATION_SCRIPT);


Please check the above images, Many thanks in advance for your answers.

Thanks & Best Regards,



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