Tell me, please, Is it possibility in Business Publisher 7.1  - publishing only part of all models, that exist in my database?

For example, in my database I have some models eEPC, that ready for publication, and some model eEPC are under development.

Models, that ready for publication, are in one folder, and models, that are under development,  - in another folder.

How to configure Business Publisher,  that it publishes  only the models from one folder - the folder for publication?


Thanks in advance,



by Marcus Knappe
Posted on Wed, 02/22/2012 - 11:04

Hello Oleg,


it's possible. All what your users see in the publisher depending on the usergroupe, which is assign to the user.. So if your usergroup "publisher" only has readingrights to the folder (and subfolders) for publication  and your user is assign to "publisher", but has readingrights to the folder (and subfolders) for development. The user only see the folder development in the ARIS Designer/Architect, but NOT in the publisher.

This is also no configuration of the publisher. It is a configuration of your database in the ARIS architect/ usergroups. But this method is maintain complex, because you have to set the rigths for all users for the development folder manually. But if you have "developer" (creating the modells) and "readers" (only want to see the published modells). You can set two usergroups. One for the developer with rigths to all folders and a "readers/publisher" usergroup only with reading rights for the publication folder. One addinonal notification for this methode is that you have to ensure, that ALL objects, which should be read from the "readers/publisher" users, they MUST be in the publication folder! If you copy a ready modell from the developer folder to the publication folder you should use the right mouse button and "MOVE WITH OBJECTS".


I hope my declaration is usefull for you :)


by Oleg Titov Author
Posted on Wed, 02/22/2012 - 12:07

Thank you very much, Markus.

It is right only for user/usergroup of my database in the ARIS architect,isn't it?

And anonymous user of Business Publisher or LDAP-users will see all of the folders/models, because I can't configure their right in the ARIS archtect, won't  they? 


Best wishes,



by Marcus Knappe
Posted on Wed, 02/22/2012 - 13:03

Hi Olek,


I have no experience with LDAP-users. But you can assign anonymous to usergroup for a publish in the publisher with the root-user of your publisher! This is in the module "profils", where are all publishs are listed. There you can select the anonymous to Exports/Profiles :)

kind regards,


by Amol Patil
Posted on Wed, 02/22/2012 - 19:37

Hi Oleg,

The easiest solution to your problem is

1. Create a new database for publish (Database_Publish). One time activity.

2. Move (merge) the ready to publish models to this database. You can take help of ARIS Scripts to automate these tasks.

3. Publish the database.


Thanks & Regards,

Amol Patil


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