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If you have already watched our first e-learning course of the ARIS Online Academy titled "Lesson 1: What is BPM", you have learned the basic principles about BPM.

Having achieved that you may want to continue diving deeper into the world of BPM and start modelling with ARIS. But just before you do, I'd recommend you to watch another e-learning course Lesson 2: "Before you start modelling".

This course tells you about important things you should think about to make sure that you create good models which meet the needs of your business.

Here are some highlights of this course:
Highlights of "Before you start modelling"

Please be sure to read this post about how to use the e-learning courses of the ARIS Online Academy.

Start e-learning course "Before you start modelling"

Of course, your feedback on this e-learning course is highly appreciated.

After you have watched the above 2 lessons, the authors hope you will join in our BPM motto:
"Managing your business by managing your processes!"

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