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I'd like to announce to you the 3rd lesson of the ARIS Online Academy titled "Your first steps in ARIS Business Designer".

If you are a new ARIS user and about to start ARIS Business Designer (or its "bigger brother" ARIS Business Architect) for the first time, this e-learning course guides you as through your first steps:

  • Navigate through a process repository
  • Understand the overall advantages of the ARIS concept
  • Create your own process models using ARIS
  • Evaluate your modeling results in a report

Here are some highlights of the course:
Highlights of the e-learning course "Your first steps in ARIS Business Designer"

Since this 3rd lesson is technically a little bit different than lesson 1 and 2, please note the different handling. To start this course, just click on the button below. After you see the new window click the play button on the lower left corner.

Start the course "Your first steps in ARIS Business Designer"  

The authors of this e-learning course appreciate your feedback!

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