Hi people!

I have the problem conecting SQL Server Whit Aris Server, the Lockservice File have a correctly configuration but the log file say Error but i dont not why


2012-06-18T18:45:04,698  2012-06-18T18:45:04,698 ARIS Server 2012-06-18T18:45:04,698 (c) 2012 IDS Scheer AG 2012-06-18T18:45:04,698  2012-06-18T18:45:04,698  2012-06-18T18:45:04,698 [ ARIS Server Startup process ] 2012-06-18T18:45:04,698  2012-06-18T18:45:04,709 supported oem profile: ARIS 2012-06-18T18:45:04,709  2012-06-18T18:45:04,709  2012-06-18T18:45:05,0 Started profile Public@16070 2012-06-18T18:45:05,0 Started profile Private@16071 2012-06-18T18:45:05,22  2012-06-18T18:45:05,33 Starting ARIS Nameservice 2012-06-18T18:45:05,44  2012-06-18T18:45:05,44 Starting ARIS Event Service 2012-06-18T18:45:05,55  2012-06-18T18:45:05,55 Starting ARIS Nameservice 2012-06-18T18:45:05,55  2012-06-18T18:45:05,55 Starting DB event initialisation 2012-06-18T18:45:05,100 - event channel is created  2012-06-18T18:45:05,111  2012-06-18T18:45:05,122 Starting ARIS Lockservice 2012-06-18T18:45:08,261 Launch of ARIS Lockservice failed! 2012-06-18T18:45:08,261  2012-06-18T18:45:08,261 [ There have been ERRORS, ARIS Server is going down ... ] 2012-06-18T18:45:08,261 Terminating ARIS Server ... 2012-06-18T18:45:08,261 Shutting down DB event initialisation ... 2012-06-18T18:45:08,261 Shutting down ARIS Nameservice ... 2012-06-18T18:45:08,261 Shutting down ARIS Event Service ... 2012-06-18T18:45:08,261 Shutting down ARIS Nameservice ... 2012-06-18T18:45:08,261 ARIS Server terminated! 2012-06-18T18:45:08,261  2012-06-18T18:45:08,261 [ ARIS Server is down ] 2012-06-18T18:45:08,261  2012-06-18T18:45:08,261 Shutting down dbi over shutdown hook.     Can you help me with this problem?

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