I'm trying to update the attribute for an object in the selected model.  Using the script, first I want to open a database using a dummy user who has read access on this database as the user who will execute the report don't have direct access to some groups in the database. 

Based on the objects selected the script will then update the attribute of an object in the selected model with the name or names of the objects selected with ";" as a separator. I'm using Dialogs.BrowsArisItems(String sTitle,String sDesc,String servername,String databasename,Constants.CID_OBJDEF,null,"")

The ArisData.openDatabase("dbname","username","password",filter,locale,true) gives null.

Can anyone suggest if there is any other way to do this and if can share a code for this?


Please find the attached code I've written and suggest corrections if any required.


Attachments:Plain text icon TestScript.txt