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Hello everybody,

I've been trying to make a nice PDF report including one or more long models. Some of the models in our ARIS database take a few pages when printed.

So first I tried in the WYSIWYG mode, but that gave me very small representations of the models. The whole model is scaled down to one page. Then I tried adapting in the code by changing the scaling of the model (see the 53 in the code below)

 function writeData(p_output, p_IModelPicture) {

  •    p_output.OutGraphic(p_IModelPicture, 53, p_output.getCurrentMaxWidth(), p_output.GetPageHeight() - p_output.GetTopMargin() - p_output.GetBottomMargin() )

I also had to allow for overlap (see true in the code below)

  •   writeData(p_output, p_aModel[i].Graphic(true, false, nLocale))

This allowed me to get my model spread over several pages in the report. However, the quality of the graphics become lousy.

Can anybody tell me how to split up a long model in a PDF report without losing quality in the graphics?



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