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If you want to download the video tutorial, please click here.

In this tutorial we will show you how to upload and backup a database.

Open ariscloud.com in your browser, select My ARIS Cloud, and log in with your personal login data to open your project room.

Click the "Settings" icon and select "ARIS Administrator".

If you open ARIS Administrator for the first time, you need to start the installation of the Java-based download client.

After installation, a login screen opens.  Enter your login information again and click OK. Select “My connection” and click “Restore database”.  Select an existing database and click “Open”. Confirm your selection by clicking “Finish” and submit the upload.

To activate the new database go to the navigation bar on the left and click the drop-down arrow next to the database name. Before the database opens you can select a filter and the language you would like to work with. Click “Finish”.

Now return to your project room to activate the new database in ARIS Cloud. Click the “Settings” icon and select “Databases”. 

The restored database is now included in the list. To publish the database in ARIS Cloud click the activation icon and the Apply button.

To back up a database go back to the Administration tool. Select the database and choose “Backup”. Select the location where your database is to be stored. Click “OK” and confirm the backup.

Now you know how to upload and restore a database in ARIS Cloud Advanced.

Please contact us to learn more.