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If you want to download the video tutorial, please click here.

Open ariscloud.com in your browser, select My ARIS Cloud, and log in with your personal login data to open your project room.

Click the "Settings" icon and select "Databases".

In this area, you select the databases that you want to use in ARIS Cloud. Either use your own database or select one of the databases preconfigured by Software AG. To select a preconfigured one, click "New database". First, you need to define the database volume. The three different options cover different model types and filter options. We recommend "Beginner" for newcomers, "Intermediate" for occasional users, and "Expert" for advanced users.  Let’s select "Beginner" here and proceed to the next step.

Now you select an empty database, a database including a demo example, or a database including a demo template. Let’s choose the sample database.

After this, enter a database name and click "Create database".

The new database is now shown in the database overview.

To work with the database in ARIS Cloud click the “activation icon” and the “Apply” button.

The database is now selected. Besides selecting a predefined database, you also have the option to upload your own database. Click "Import database" to select an existing database and submit your selection.

Enter a database name and the password you used when exporting the database from ARIS. Entering a password is only required if you want to upload an ARIS 7 database.

Click "Create database" to finish the uploading process.

To work with the database click the “activation icon” and apply your selection. Now return to the overview page to open the results in ARIS Cloud.

You can switch between the different databases by selecting the database in the upper right corner.  

Now you know how to upload a database in ARIS Cloud.

Please contact us to learn more.