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Free ARIS reports and macros

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by Sebastian Stein in Reports & Macros posted on 2010-02-26

In the past weeks, some of our ARIS experts started publishing a set of free-of-charge ARIS reports and macros. In this thread, I collect links to those posts. I will update this thread in case new reports/macros become available. Also, ping me in case you know other great resources about report and macro programming in ARIS.

There is a dedicated group for discussions around report & macro programming in ARIS. In case you are using reports & macros, make sure to join the group and post your questions!

List of free-of-charge ARIS reports & macros

User contributed free ARIS reports & macros

Useful links about ARIS reports & macros

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Sebastian Stein posted on 2010-04-01

I just updated this listing including the latest free ARIS report for risk and weak point analysis. We also got a new group for discussions around report & marcro programming in ARIS. You may want to join this group in case you are using or even programming reports.

Sebastian Stein posted on 2010-04-19

That is great, Volker just contributed another ARIS report. You can use it to generate a matrix showing all models and lanes used. Checkout his post!

Sebastian Stein posted on 2010-04-26

What a great start of the new week: Volker did it again and provided a very detailed tutorial how to define your own custom semantic check in ARIS. Make sure to check it out!

arzu kanturk posted on 2010-06-03


I am working in a a bank and I am modelling IT processes. I have a problem about RACI. There are many positions with connected  a function. Thus I define FAD and add positions to FAD. But FAD with connected positions aren't seeing, when I create RACI matrix

I need RACI matrix examples  or books. Are there any book or aris script examples?

Could you help me about subject?

Thank you

Juan Arce posted on 2010-10-21

Hello, I'm a new ARIS user and I'm tryig to create a report that summarizes a process diagram, considering that i have no programmig knowledge i noticed the Process Manual report and i think is a good starting point but I need to add additional information of the model (such as documents, relationships, etc) to the report but I'm only able to include "Attribute Values". In summary what I need to do is: 1. Incorporate model information different that "Attributes values" such as documents, relationships, etc 2. Sort the table by how the process flows, I haven't figured out how is currently sorted. Thank you in advance for your support Regards Juan

Aluysio Gothardo Cruz posted on 2011-01-04

Hi. I'm back to work with this tool, and I would like to know if anyone have experience modelling dimensional tables and fact tables within ARIS environment. I'm a little bit confuse in some features about documentation of attributes and to relate some IT sources. Please, if you can post a clue, would be fine! Thanks



Ed Tom posted on 2011-02-02

Is there a report available that can generate a model graphic, especially for matices?


Joyce Leftly posted on 2011-04-06

I am also a new ARIS user.   Is there a report that I can run to see which of our ARIS users has not logged onto the tool in the past 'x' number of months ?   Or which ones have not made any updates ?

We are looking for an easy way to see which users have not been using ARIS - so we can provide coaching or additional training if needed.

Martin Schröder posted on 2011-04-07

You would need to activate a log of user sessions connected to an Aris Business server (cf. accountinglog)

As there is no out of the box report to analyze usage you could transform the resulting xml file into a spreadsheet table by means of XSLT.


To check for updates on model contents or objects you can

peter brown posted on 2011-12-04


I am Aris user,and I want to known how to get sub model information(second hierarchy model information) from current model in reports ,

Could you give me some advice or clue,Thanks a lot.

Tim Dossett posted on 2012-05-14

By the way are there any reports for DODAF v2.0

Martin Mellor posted on 2016-04-12

When upgrading from ARIS 7.x to ARIS 9.x, I know there is a macro (Adapt model layout to new symbol sizes) for adapting a single model layout for the new ARIS symbol sizes,  however, is there a macro available that will do all models in one go? If a client has many models, then with the current macro adapting one model at a time, this could take a large amount of time.

Robert Goldenbaum posted on 2016-04-12

Hi Martin,

as far as I know, the macro can be used from the search - so you could do it for all models at once. Or at least in multiple runs...


Tim Weare posted on 2016-04-12

You can run the macro from, model, folder/group or database level. Be careful, if you run it on models that have already had it performed it changes them again and places large amounts of space between objects. I would recommend doing a database backup before running the macro.