Tuesday, September 13, 2022 - 04:00

100x: this is the amount that data traffic has grown for communication service providers (CSPs) in western markets over the past decade – increasing more than a hundredfold.

To keep up with this growth, CSPs are currently undergoing massive business transformation projects. They have to continuously invest in new, quickly growing technologies like 5G, AI/ML, IoT and cloud. However, often these investments need to be funded by finding efficiencies in their operations. One place they look is in their business processes. Many CSPs have been able to streamline existing processes and introduce process automation, while at the same time delivering a better digital customer experience and enabling new business models.

Many CSPs that have successfully completed this transformation rely on the eTOM business process framework. For context, the TM Forum is a global industry association for service providers and their suppliers in the telecommunications sector. It provides an open, collaborative environment to help its members with tools, frameworks, and information in their transformation initiatives. TM Forum provides eTOM as a hierarchical classification scheme with descriptions of the key business processes required to run a service-focused business.

This eTOM framework is available as an accelerator package in ARIS for free download. After being imported into your ARIS instance, it is ready to use immediately.

In this webinar from TM Forum and Software AG, learn how eTOM and ARIS work together and how they can help you to accelerate your .

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