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  • Automatically discover end-to-end processes & compare them with designed to-be processes for greater transparency & in-depth analysis
  • Look for patterns, anomalies, root causes & opportunities for process optimization
  • Benchmark process KPIs of as-is & to-be processes
  • Easily analyze variations in standard processes
  • Run ad-hoc snapshot analyses by uploading data extracts of processes


ARIS Editions

ARIS Process Mining lets you understand business processes to find bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement. Compare designed processes to as-is processes, seeif they execute as planned, and make changes before they impact the bottom line.

ARIS Process Mining Basic
All essential features
  • Free start into the world of Process Mining
  • Discover the hidden root causes
  • Perform quick health checks of processes
ARIS Process Mining Advanced
Room to grow
  • Import a comprehensive collection of process data
  • Perform continuous process diagnostics to monitor processes end to end
ARIS Process Mining Enterprise
Maximum value and potential
  • Capture the entire process landscape
  • Track process compliance & user adoption to process changes
  • Tackle all kinds of bottlenecks within process organization
  • Control the entire process life cycle
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