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ARIS Business Process Management (BPM) 

ARIS is the market-leading Business Process Management tool from Software AG. University Relations offers a tailored selection from the extensive ARIS product range, free of charge. Moreover we offer a variety of BPM tutorials, exercises and case studies. Process modeling with EPC or BPMN has never been easier!

You are in the right place if you want to:

  • Test and evaluate ARIS products

  • Use ARIS in a lecture

  • Download a predefined ARIS Education Package including exercises and software to supplement your courses

How to get access as a faculty member

To access the download area and/or see the material for faculty members, please:

  1. Register yourself in the ARIS Community with your university email address *

  2. Submit this faculty registration form to receive your personal authorization. (You will be asked for proof **)

  3. Go to downloads section to access ARIS for free!

Your benefits as a Faculty member

  • Full versions of ARIS (Single / Multi User) for a period of 12 months completely free of charge!

  • Business Process Management (BPM) lecture slides and exercises

  • Enrich your BPM course with a practical angle

Register now as a Faculty!


Please note:

* Please make sure to register with your University email address only. We need to ensure that you are member of an officially recognized university.

** To get faculty access to ARIS products, you must provide us with a url that identifies you as a teacher at your University.

If you encounter any problems, please take a look at the FAQ section first before contacting us via the forum.