Hardware Requirements:

Any standard, off-the-shelf hardware can be used.

Operating System:

Standalone installations do not need any additional software to be installed. The download page provides the packages for different operating system platforms.

Mac or Linux users may find additional information here (not officially supported).

Installation Documents:

Process Design & Analysis

Each download package contains extensive installation information.

License Keys, Expiry Date and Prolongation:

Right after your successful request for a free educational license, you will receive the license keys for the requested product or package via email.

Students licenses expire 6 month after the requesting date.

Faculties licenses expire 12 month after the requesting date. 

New license keys of the current products/packages can be requested using the download page four weeks (!) before the expiry date of your existing keys. Don't be before time: Any earlier request for new keys will result in a re-sending of the yet existing keys.

Please note: In fact it's not a prolongation, but a new license agreement. You will receive new license keys with the same duration (6 or 12 month) to overwrite the existing keys, given that the product version has not been updated meanwhile.