I have downloaded the latest version of SAP JCO 3 for my ARIS Business server ( ARIS 7.2 SR2). Before I install, I have few queries. Some of them may be too basic, As I am new to ARIS for SAP, I would really appreciate any help/ support on this

1) As per the installation doc for SAP JCO the note says: Before installing JCo, please install the latest Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 C/C++ runtime libraries.

Is it mandatory to have Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 C/C++ runtime libraries on my windows server  where my ARIS business server is installed?

2) For the Solman Synchronisation, For ARIS Business server I will be

a) copying the sapjco3.jar in the <installdirectory>\ARIS7.2\Server\lib

b) Copy  the JCo runtime libraries to the Windows system library folders %windir%\System32 ('C:\Windows\System32')

but  AS per the SAP JCO installation doc :

 Note: Do not copy the sapjco3.dll neither into the {windows-dir}\system32 nor into the {windows-dir}\SysWOW64 directory. This will break the operability of other JCo versions that are already installed on the same system. Furthermore you would risk that the current installation also would not work anymore, if the sapjco3.dll gets replaced in the respective Windows system directory in the future

So Wanted to Know if following Step 2 is recommended.

3) Apart from copying the sapjco3.jar file to \server\lib , Is it also necessary to copy it to Download Client and installed client ? The JRE version is 32 bit for Java client and it is 64 bit for Server. I have downloaded both the packages for SAPjco as per the community post I found on the community  : ARIS for SAP JCo FAQ by  Mr. Sascha Ding

Will  copying sapjco3.jar only to ARIS server  be sufficient ? Pls suggest.

4) Do I need to install the SAP JCO on all workstation where my ARIS client (ARIS For SAP) is installed? or SAP GUI is sufficient ? I assume installing SAP GUI will do the work.. Pls suggest.


I would really appreciate any help for my queries.




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