i am relatively new to MashZone; its a great application and many colleagues are hard at work using it.

A suggestion: create a "Resource Library" for MashApps. To get a general idea, Novell has a cool library for swapping ideas and resources for their product Vibe: a collaboration tool where you can also import / export "apps" and share them with others (just google "Novell Resource Library; cant post the example link because of spam detection).)

MashZone Apps of course can be a bit complex and not importable "out of the box", but a shared  app would be great if one wanted to look at a use-case of a certain subject.

What the feed and its source would have to look like and so one could be described with the app itself. And one wouldnt have to invent the wheel over and over again.


...my 2 cents!

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