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My name is Eduardo Perez, from Argentina, sorry my bad english. I will try to ask my question.

In the company we use ARIS to work in models for process mapping, We use version 7.2. Each user

has installed Aris Designer, and they can run several reports, and can run semantic check to verify

models format.

Now, we are migrating to ARIS 9.8 release 4, and the new paradigm will be using ARIS Connect, it is a web

tool, with new features. 

My question is about one ability of ARIS Connect, we do not find it, and the ability is to run a semantic

check from the ARIS Connect web client.

We can run reports, but not semantic check.

It is possible ?   Are there some work-around ?  Any help to transform a semantic in a report ?

Thanks in advance.







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