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We are evaluating BPA and Aris Express.

The tests of importing Express diagrams into BPA are fine.

Conditions are: 

- take care of the language compatibility between the database and Aris diagrams (or you need a copy/paste bypass)

- the filter and template are imported (reference http://www.ariscommunity.com/users/frank-weyand/2010-07-07-aris-express-22-released-corrected-filter-and-template-available)

Next step is to evaluate the filter as a starting point for modeling in BPA.
The advantage would be users get customised to a more limited number of symbols which is good for the readability (and acceptability) of the models.

However, when running the report "Output filter information", there is no information on the BPMN model. The models are imported and viewed with the original objects without problems.

Is there some explanation for it ? Perhaps there is a misunderstanding at my end.

It would be nice to have a complete report to evaluate the attributes (model, objects and relationship), relationship types.

Thank you in advance.


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