I have created an occurrence copy of a function object synchronized from Solution Manager (in ARIS Business Designer for SAP v7.1).  Although I am able to show the assignment on EITHER the definition copy OR the occurrence copy of the object, I am not able to show the assignment on each of the objects (i.e., on the definition copy AND on the occurrence copy) concurrently?

Has anyone else encountered this and how did you resolve it...???

Thanks in advance for the assistance.



by Alexander Cherednichenko
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Posted on Wed, 10/14/2009 - 08:58

Hi, if you have object’s occurrence copy and you make definition copy then you would not get assignment for definition copy, because you create new object. All occurrence copies of same object have SAME definition, so when you make occurrence copy - all copies will have assignment.

If you make object’s occurrence copy on SAME MODEL there is no way to show assignment icon for one occurrence copy and hide for another. But you can show/hide assignment icon for same object’s occurrence on different models, for this you should open model properties > format > representation > Hide assignment icons.


by Uwe Roediger
Posted on Thu, 10/15/2009 - 01:04

Hi Franc,

the assigned diagrams are a property of the object definition, they are not specific to a certain object occurence. For example can a function be assigned with a function allocation diagram. The elements in this diagram describe the function in more detail. And this detailed description naturally is the same,  indenpendent from the diagram where the function is used.

If you want to express, that to different objects different diagrams are assigned, the only way is to create different obejct definitions. If you only want to hide the assignment symbol at certain occurences the tip by Alexander is sufficient.



by Franc Cioffi Author
Posted on Mon, 10/19/2009 - 18:31

In reply to by Ralf Werner Munkes

Alexander and Uwe -

Thanks for your feedback and help.  I think I have a bit of a particular issue...  What I'm trying to do is display, on an EPC diagram, the FAD for a function object (which contains our SAP transaction code) on both the definition AND occurrence copy of the object.  They are the same object, but for the purposed of clarity, I want to display the FAD for both of the objects.  And it seems like ARIS is limiting me to only showing the FAD on either the definition or the occurrence copy. 

I don't want to create a second definition copy of the object, otherwise I will create an error when I try to synchronize with Solution Manager.  Just want to display the FAD information on the EPC...

Thanks again for your help.


by Jens Lauer
Posted on Tue, 10/20/2009 - 07:59

Hi Franc,

if I understand your right, you did the following:

Create a function and assign a function allocation diagram. Now the assignment icon is properly shown. Afterwards you created a definition copy - let's call it 'F2' of the function in the epc. Now the assignment icon for 'F2' is not shown. Please correct me if I am wrong.

This is in deed intended behaviour, because the information which models are assigned for a function are not copied in case of creating a definition copy.


Possibility 1)

Open the properties of the function 'F2' and select the Assignment page. Select New... and in the wizard Existing model. Now browse for the function allocatin diagram to be used, select it and assign it.

Possibility 2)

Save the model. Browse the designer explorer tree and select the diagram representing the fad. Drag it and drop it over the function which should have an assignment to the fad. You will now be asked whether you want to create an assignment for the dropped diagram.

Now both functions have an assignment to the same function allocation diagram.




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