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To define or change a business model (e.g with the Osterwalder Business Model Canvas) is relatively easy, to efficiently implement a new business model within an organization is more difficult.

Within my previous post, I have elaborated on Business and ERP Transformation (BET) best practices which are required to ensure that a change in the business model has a direct effect on all (business) policies and is also aligned with the changes within the (ERP) template and organizational responsibilities. The following picture gives an overview of the objectives of the BET best practices;

An ideal organization should be like a flock of gooses, where each goose is using the uplift of the previous goose in order to extend the flying range.

The higher the maturity level (alignment) of the organization, the more benefits the organization will gain by the alignment, harmonization, standardization, integration and rationalization of: Processes, Platforms, Procedures, Policies, Planning, Production, Products, Projects, Power, Politics and ………. People.

To find out the quality of the best practices within your organization, you can perform the free on-line BET maturity check. The maturity check is also used to find out the level of cooperation within an organization. The higher the maturity level, the better the employees within the organization work together by the alignment and re-use of the 12 best practices between the different departments. A low maturity level causes misalignment issues between employees, departments and companies. This can have an impact on the profitability of the organization.

The (free) on-line BET maturity check can be found at following link:

The (free) on-line maturity check has already been executed by many companies, is also used for training purposes and for the preparation of business transformation maturity assessments.

I invite you to participate with the BET maturity check. It will take you about 12 minutes of your time and it will help you to identify the required steps to prepare your organization for the next business transformation program.

More background information on the concepts of the ADM maturity check can be found in the book "Business transformation in operation(s)" 

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