Dear all,

Today I synchronised a part of our processes from ARIS to SolMan. As a result of this synchronisation new folders (groups) were created. They were only created as a copy of emply folders, so which were already there but had no model in it. Although it did not happen to ALL folders (for 9 out of 11 a copy was created).

In these newly created folder two models were created:

1) a FAD ==> with a function of the same name as the folder and an assignment to either

2a) a Risk Diagram 3/4 ==> this model is empty or
2b) an EPC ==> this model is empty

See also attachment to see a print screen of the situation before the synchronisation and a print screen of the situation after the synchronisation.

Is this a known feature of the synchronisation?

Sylvia van Giersbergen

Tags: ARIS