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Dear all,

I am struggling with RAQL while creating data feeds in ARIS Connect. I assume that RAQL allows to create a (non-standard?) query, however I cannot find any reference documentation. Can anyone help and share a reference document, examples or how-to use RAQL please?

My use case for trying to use RAQL is join (combine) 2 data feeds based on a complex text match. I was unable to do this in the provided building blocks (or am I?).

Simplified example:
Data_feed1.name contains a business process name. Data_feed2.description contains long text witch might include a process name. The goal is to find the matching process names from both data_feeds. In pseudo-SQL:

select *
from data_feed1, data_feed2
where data_feed1.name is part of data_feed2.description

When using Oracle or MySQL, the "is part of" would translate to the INSTR() function. However, RAQL doesn't know INSTR.

Thanks for helping out.