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I'm trying to draw a link between two objects with a report.

I don't know how I can create a link that has a more complex shape than a straight line through scripting.

My report has to change the type of all the connexions in a model, without changing the aspect of the objects in the model, including the aspects of the links, just the type of the links has to be replaced by another type.

So , I'm just going through all the connexions in the model, getting the source object X and Y coordinates , the Target object X and Y coordinates and then connecting the objects with the other link with these coordinates.

The problem is that , if in the original model, there is a link with more than one corner, the report will change all the links to the type I defined, but the aspect won't be the same as the original.

I attached an example where I draw 3 objects and links between them that I don't know how to reproduce through script.

If some can help, I'll appreciate.

Thank you

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