Hello all,

When the architecture repository grows, it may come that we have to deal with homonyms.

Let's say for example that "Program" may cause us a problem because :

  • we need a "cluster/data model" element "Program" for a computer program
  • we need a "cluster/data model" element "Program" for a program encompassing multiple business projects.

So far, I'm thinking of two solutions, but I'm happy with none.

Solution 1: give different names to different objects. One would be "computer program," the other "business program."  The downside is: these terms may not appeal to stakeholders, they do not reflect the way of expressing themselves, they never use "business program". Moreover, these terms are quite verbose.

Solution 2: have two different object definitions, with the same name "Program." The trouble is, how to help the modeler (aris user)  using the correct object (computer program and not business program for example)?

Thanks for your feedback!