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I’m pleased to announce the first service release of ARIS MashZone, which is free to download now!

ARIS MashZone 1.0.1 provides several new exciting features.

Dynamic data source parameters

Did you ever experience the 10,000 lines limitation when reading large source documents? Do you have a bunch of similar spreadsheets, e.g. one file per monthly report? Do you want to analyze your quarterly statistics that reside in different folders on a network share? This becomes possible with MashZone 1.0.1 as you can send parameters to data sources which change at runtime. Or you can dynamically compute file names to decide which file or from which folder to read. There are alreday two nice mashapps using this new feature. (World Bank Data Browser and World Bank Map Visualization) Check also out the post of Tobias, that explains the huge power  of this new feature.

Realtime Dashboards

Do you have a really volatile data source that changes every second? Are you tiered to wait for a nightly batch job that updates IT-systems you never heard of just to get your most recent report? Do you want to see your data as it currently evolves and not just snapshots from the past?
Realtime dashboards make this possible. See the world’s population change in real time as births happen. Or watch your Government’s spending live and the public debt rising. You’ll be up to speed at any time.

Cross tab

Got a well human readable table? The subsidiary in rows, the month in columns and each crossing contains the appropriate revenues. Play with such data in MashZone easily without knowing anything about Pivot. Just use MashZone’s all new cross tab feature and start mashing. Cross tabs can be expanded automatically via the data feed. So you will be more flexible using different data sources.

Dynamic URLs

Do you have to handle very special business transactions? Do you want to finalize the special deals manually? Or just discuss possible improvements with your colleagues collaboratively using the company’s wiki?
All this is possible now. Place hyperlinks in your Mashup and the current context, i.e. the currently selected country and sales responsive will be inserted automatically. Whatever it is – MashZone integrates seamlessly.


To upgrade from MashZone 1.0.0 you could use a patch or install the new version from scratch.
If you decide to install the new version, click here. There’s a helpful post (Backup your MashApp!) by Stephan that explains how it is to be done. (Please keep in mind that you have to reimport your Mashups again, the free-version of ARIS MashZone doesn't provide the import functionality)

It must be pointed out that the Mashup and feed definitions from ARIS MashZone 1.0.0 can be used in ARIS MashZone 1.0.1 without restrictions. But Mashup and feed definitions created or edited with ARIS MashZone 1.0.1 cannot be imported into older versions like ARIS MashZone 1.0.0.


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