I'm trying to model a bi-directed association between a task and a data object which are part of a BPMN collaboration diagram. Seems like this is impossible. My experiments so far:

1. Connection properties -> Format -> Connection appearance

As there is an arrow towards the target by default i tried to change the arrow towards source. But the only options given are aris default or none (which is similar to aris default). Now that gives me the possibility to realize undirected arrows but no bi-directed.

2. Administration Tab -> Configuration -> Method -> Connection types

Here I tried to change the aris default, but it seems impossible to me. I am allowed to rename the connection, add/remove attributes and assign it to models.

3. I searched for an opportunity to change the connection type but i wasn't successful in finding it.

The search function only gave me a link (http://www.ariscommunity.com/users/sstein/2009-02-04-bpmn-modelling-aris) which is similar to my 1st try.

Would be great if you could help me to manage this issue.


EDIT: OK, by now I'm doing a workaround using two arrows which lay over each other.

Tags: ARIS Architect BPMN