I am seeing a difference in relationship data returned from using a script to when using the ARIS GUI on a particular function object occurrence in ARIS Architect v9.6.

When scripting I obtain all function occurrences in my model, then for every occurrence I get the connection associated with the function. Then for each connection I print the ActiveType and Name.

My script seems to be showing reference names to the same function (object) name, where the ARIS gui (selecting Properties^Relationships) seems to show what I intend.

Assuming the ARIS GUI function above is correct, my conclusion is that either my scripting is defective, or the programming API is broken in ARIS?

Can someone verify my finding with any model that contains function relationships (I have included my test case)?

I am including the script I am using, the function tree model .xml, my script output (Report20.htm), a screen shot of the function tree, and a screenshot of the level 1 and level 2 selections using ARIS menu Properties^Relationships that do NOT match the Report20.htm.



Tags: ARIS Architect ARIS Report ARIS script javascript