Hello -

I hope this request makes sense, forgive me for not using correct terminology. My client previously used ARIS 7.1 for enterprise architecture development and within the past year has moved onto another tool with additional functionality not provided by ARIS 9.X at that time. The new tool vendor said they can ingest ARIS data into their tool and migrate it to their format, etc, through scripting. However our mapping of previous ARIS objects to their objects have hit a snag [note: we don't have access to our ARIS application any more so I can't look for it myself]

I am seeking a complete list (assuming it exists) of ARIS classes (e.g., Country, Event, Business Application, Process Area, etc..) and the alignment [if there is one] to the ARIS objects that I am more familiar with (e.g., Location, Application System, Technical Term, Position, etc.). For example, the new vendor says that "Cluster Input/Output" is not a class but an object and they need the class that aligns with it. Hopefully someone can help with a mapping or list of classes/objects.

Thank you for your assistance.