I have script made on ARIS Toolset with extention .RSO and when I improt it on ARIS Platform ver. 7.1 the give me notification for convert as image below 

Then when I click Yes give this notifications below:


by Vladimir Bis
Posted on Wed, 12/07/2011 - 12:06

Hi Muhnad,

I'm afraid this script must be rewriten from Visual Basic to JavaScript.

by Muhnad Zakaria Author
Posted on Wed, 12/07/2011 - 12:39

ok , but When I open the file .RSO  notpad I can't see any real data like below :


6.2.x 602 < s c r i p t i n f o d a t a > < s c r i p t i n f o   c l s i d = " 1 0 0 0 9 "   t y p e s = " 4 5 , "   i d c o m p = " 1 "   s c o m p = " R e p o r t "   o u t f i l e t y p e s = " 4 , "   s c r i p t l a n g = " 0 "   l c i d = " 1 0 3 3 "   f i l t e r = " "   f i l e = " A B   j o b _ v 2 . r s o "   t i t l e = " A B   j o b _ v 1 "   t o p i c = " O b j e c t   R e p o r t   S c r i p t "   a u t h o r = " I D S   S c h e e r   A G "   c o m p a n y = " I D S   S c h e e r   A G "   k e y = " "   e x t r a t y p e s = " " > < / s c r i p t i n f o > < / s c r i p t i n f o d a t a > 0 1886 PK        ÷ىHûى  ¦4     aris.datي[}oعFے»‘ٍNض¤إAپ¼h«”?پچ عmR$dàW;²حعيغô£L[ë©e´چ´F""ح_ه;ى¹³1¶±IHC^FBZèف=ï؟ç¹اـuiهٹ?‹ K(¦ m¢”ا‡ٹھ£BE%‡؛€²ه縢أٹ«3âڑ¤”E UqEUQ'ٹ¬±q¤a طم*’D¹ضkٌ’R%œھ†vM²ZIN+سPZ‘k”جd„‘^اHiê‡MفVش¦Q²M=I$L醓”V¯ƒ¥ًKi"‘‘ض,«ہ„ب8LçA؛„«zQا2[¤1WP’2&r ل—¸ز‌ ح2ع&مٹٹE#Q®""‌ˆùفGE¶àWQ%b”;Pشq' g¬;MطBüe›¸$jà=ث)[¨`Q§mâa8ٹًأIEmˆS“4ؤ´®â¦,D)¨©پڑ‏›„µ:ئ؛وb¶C×â$ده¹l¾ل`#Jœ]â¥يt,‏£د¦³ùR1ثr±|"S’{إزv6½ƒ²*¢ںم0کب «B4رW$4INنIkج y¥!تœ¹Hb:‘,zeP$ھâa‌T4سRˆ~‹U¬..ىگ:$=چt *‹‏»©âرd‍شêم³C²pœ!€ç¸گ9ب–غ£ٌاû9Uˆڑ©ياٍ©آf8؛ol؟,j¤²غF’RSآدkœ©2zآTDث(©(:صصل«m\#²¹€‡هڈ¼SEٹ2>²؛z)wy80â¼ٍ‚q›ˆcI[…覀|‌ qUa‹gC\L¶‏½¯°Ih¸؛°Y[ï»&y.آJDX¸nxb‘گ«f,A/N?إ&yص³ںZnA#<-yٌdBگblnz¬-‚ml†إ¤ «كٌ;گM!ب^ثˆ QW„f® E¬’ڑُْ²]_aM@g،ؤ¬؛ن†(ى9<—£{37µ0g½à‌$XھٍةT"½Sتإvك #P{؛µح\ùجس=ھل Xڑmز³9fچGج(¯aٹہGعتèuhŒju¤  lخZؤـا†‌­–ïx÷®!‘QcG»‍q¦£اZ\€N†n،UTTئIآq¥)ë|h}نث”*²هC¸‹u‍D<¥wˆ¢َم.:ے<è(” ¤q(‘]DLث¤،طœL3ف«ƒتإ…گص³]bدtvmùشîٹ†ں?اé½ىN*ùثکR–çüـژé؛JتذHَ±b)غKطچ)چآ3Qjb¾¨6qh™CA؟¨ dJh•–yî±رëvNfء‎Nغـ6قtژواjfَéا‏ٍُ~H¬I ëى‌\,ے8³²«ےٌ¯َ‚÷·ئ§خüX¶wْہnُk®.wrs»€!îىمô[ف‏4³“ب§S™„K©{…؟aِ >gƒ9عفœx‎©ctçاt0üد÷‌¯·Pk~ط¸µt7z_ع]ش?›M¥½›لvّ>µِ|ك0ءڑژپرڑ34Dذ0ژ†د‌َ.:;xs5â¤ك›3L¬=`آ¯B­c£‡خ=مشhYغا|tJژ(¬ك:î8¬îJإ+ô®}ق‏ٍ ÷Œw¨­÷ئك0uع1وâQض‘چت‎‚ t'‌î­#ïكvط{ے‹ر™Mمï>F‍کل#ى؟]مڈ¹ëن6mد£-K¬>شقV÷xذ»î}ْئ=نv³²28~î)§‰F©`†و±SE÷¨َ@رoقsوب–گèèذر< ôًô9¤™âZإs|UA²¢س»D!Oœڑ‌ˆ—¼ç‡—€Dùّlذه„µè­}‰I×?؛e ،P_‹ـوw¹7Sˆà—‌cGيsl7]§ط~(µ±=Tى;ê{¯ةآ »ت0–kظJ…²aآX \ظم‍ٍو–™\k£نڑt»jJœ]ق·~ûقکç@µ†u3»ف[àسXéY,]ٹmƒ—TغS|ï…2bَ–صW4“صئخ>©Hkv¢S¦+ S8…هـڑ‌sCMفظو¶آJ4{)K±5ئح×ة؛ً‍RإزuّصO¥Œ¢× غؤeًKىٍ‹€c•َدُ”؟)<?±Œچ”4-‰عE2p‹¶IîjWç{mâOP“wر• Pڑة“Vكh_غé`ًE¦ث™lèEھ8%ûˆmµO§31َ 6^‹‘Aد‰¯Oع3 èmYzûيکëqdqâصA»ِکص*|yرQ¥&قىœ²نz¯mCُ؛mt¬ï‎F ي#vظ‹>F‍}\ù ”}هذ|9ن‏¤B'i‏§!×­h9¯E%XŒ حٍPK         ÷ىHûى  ¦4                   aris.datPK      6       
by Muhnad Zakaria Author
Posted on Wed, 12/07/2011 - 12:42

Can you Support me how to genrate P&P's Manual, Job Description, Role 



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