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Hallo everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I have asked this question on the related blogs. But unfortunately I did not get any answer. That's why I am opening a new article here and I am gonna delete the another.

I hope we can find a solution for that. So.

I have a question about Matrix report and Matrix diagrams. Is this somehow possible to make this procedure backwards?

Could we also export an Excel sheet due to your report and modify it, & after that import it back into ARIS with modificated relations?

I just wanna explain my question with screenshots, I am sure than you will understand me better.

For example I have this matrix diagram in ARIS...

Then I can call your report or another one, which convert my matrix into the Excel Sheet.

Then I call for example the report "Export the relation matrix" (I am not sure about the english name but in german that's "Beziehungsmatrix exportieren"

Now I have exactly my matrix on Excel. Perfect.


What I wanna do is; just change the relationships on Excel manually, and import it in ARIS back, so that I have my modificated matrix diagram in ARIS. (Just like the macro Process Generator)


Is there any Report to realise this?

If not; could you please give some code examples to solve this problem.?

I am sure , this would be extremely useful for all ARIS Users (Especially for the ARIS Report beginners like me).

Thank you in advance for your attention.


Umut Oezleyen

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