Hello everybody!

I'm currently working with the version 98.1 of ARIS, and based on Dave Keaton's post(https://www.ariscommunity.com/users/ddkeaton/2016-02-08-serveradminbackupdatabase-question), also on scheduling a report to execute a daily backup of the database.

After execution, the results of the scheduling show:

The following errors occurred:

script Automatic Backup, line 32: Can't find method com.aris.modeling.server.bl.components.serveradmin.AServerAdminScriptInterface.backupDatabase(string,java.io.File).

Has somebody faced this error before, or would have any idea about it?

The code I'm implementing goes as follows. Any help is appreciated





function main()
       //Select the target folder
       var selectedFolders="C:\Users\bejarosw";

       Context.setSelectedFile("Work DB"+"_"+Date());

        var sPath=Context.getSelectedPath();
        var sFile=Context.getSelectedFile();
        var oFile=new java.io.File(sPath,sFile);
        var oDatabase = "Work DB";
        var dbAdmin = Context.getComponent("ServerAdmin");
            //Log backup result
            sMessage="Work DB"+" was backed up on "+new Date();
            //Log backup result
            sMessage="Work DB"+" could not be backed up on "+new Date();


Tags: ARIS Architect javascript Report