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It starts with documenting and training your organization's business processes!

 How much time and money does your organization spend on training new hires or employees that change roles? How quickly and accurately can you educate your staff on the core requirements of a job and articulate the subtle nuances of their role?  How can management maximize organizational resources to execute and support core business processes to satisfy the needs of your customers?  IMPRIVA's CPR Solution has helped our customers address these pain points by providing transparency and accountability to the organization's training and work procedure functions and how they support core business processes.


Creating a business process repository is the first step to providing clear and accurate training documentation.  With this repository, training can be documented based on the role and responsibilities that the resource provides in order to successfully complete the business process.  Additionally, business processes are often complex and integrate with multiple functional and organizational areas of the business.  Providing accurate and consistent training will reduce risks related to high turnover, processes that are time sensitive and have regulatory requirements.


Most of our customers have outdated work instruction/procedures documentation or in some cases, are lacking any documentation at all.  Many roles in the organization have complex tasks and processes that span across different applications, systems, geographies and business functions.  Additionally, the nature of work can often have regulatory, union or legal requirements that must be followed.  Therefore, it is critical for organizations to mitigate those risks by creating clear and accurate work instruction/procedure documentation and understanding the dependent resources and business processes.


Provide visibility into training documentation and complex work instruction/procedures and understand how to maximize your organizational resources to execute critical business processes.  IMPRIVA's CPR Solution provides a repository of process related artifacts and delivers governance and collaboration to empower your organization to achieve operational excellence and satisfy your customers.

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