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Hello All,

At IDS Scheer Netherlands we deliver the Advanced Redocumentation Service in which we perform an analysis of the customers SAP system and use this information to provide the customer with information about the usage of the system in ARIS Models (customer specific of SAP reference model).

In the past we used Excel and Powerpoint for graphs, statistics and presentation purposes. But now we use ARIS MashZone!!! The past few weeks we developed a nice Redoc Mash App. The app looks really nice. From now on we don't need excel anymore we will use ARIS MashZone to present our results to customers.

Attached you find a zip file containing the app, data feeds and anonymous demo data. With this you can install the Redoc Mash App. Ofcourse this is the first version so we still need to develop and improve more, but for now the Redoc Mash looks very nice. Let us know what you think of it.

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UPDATE 15 april: The attached Redoc MashApp now also contains Segregation of Duties Analysis.

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