I’m trying to simulate a value stream where part way through it a number of process instances are spawned. Initially, there is just one process thread. Midway through it numerous concurrent processes become instantiated. These come back together and a single thread continues to the end. The value stream itself is modeled as an EPC with additional assigned EPCs for lower level detail.

The concurrent processes are all instances of the same EPC model. I don't want to create many many definition copies; that's just much too ponderous. I'd have to severely edit the model every time I needed to reconfigure the scenario. I instead need a way to parameterize the number of instances (e.g., as an attribute value on a calendar event).

I’ve tried using calendar events as a process instantiation pattern. However, I’ve only been able to get that to work on the start event for the whole value stream. I don’t want all the process instances at the start. I need them part way through.

Any help/pointers appreciated.

Tags: ARIS simulation