Hi all, 
I am trying to have formatted text output in the Word document with a Report. 
When i'am using the "OutputFormattedText" function to import the text Attribute. 
I do not find the way to change text alignment. 
here the instructions used:
var font = actDatabase.defaultFontStyle().Font(g_nloc);
var stile = ptoLancio.objPuntoDiLancio.Attribute(attributoQuadroRiferimento, g_nloc).getStyledValue();
var stileMerge = stile.getMergedFormatting(font);
var valoreAttributo = stileMerge.getHTML();


the text inside valoreAttributo is formatted by other user, but in my report my goal is to write the report with valoreAttributo justified

Can anyone have any suggestions?

Best regards