'Live' has become the buzz word in almost all the industries. Defining Processes is no different and ARIS Process Live has only made it more efficient. Making the processes accessible on Cloud and inviting the process SMEs to view the processes defined and recommend improvements, without compromising on security. It becomes easy to convince a client to follow process based methodology to bring in the flavor of standardization in their operations and effectiveness with respect to regulatory compliance of the industry in which the client operates.

The observed benefit of reducing the cost, in terms of purchase of licenses and quick & easy accessibility and the benefit from reduced risk by following the standardized process in line with the regulatory requirements. Added advantage are features like access processes anytime anywhere viz. Tab, Desktop, Laptop. The feature of anytime access with just a device and connectivity, without compromising on the security of the information that Process Live holds, is something that the users will benefit from and appreciate which makes it a secure and sustainable framework for processes. Additional features like providing comments on the processes ensures benchmarking the quality within the organization.

Come, let's keep our Processes Alive & Kicking using Process Live.