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It all ended with 40 participants drinking lovely cocktails on the top floor of the Hilton hotel viewing the city of Luxembourg. That was great actually. But before, there was a very ‘risky event’ on the 19th floor. The event started with an introduction of Jean–Phillipe Peters, Sr. Manager Enterprise Risk Services of Deloitte sharing his view on the big impact of risk-related regulations on business processes. He gave the audience insights in the recent trends of regulations, which only will increase the coming years.

After that, I demonstrated in ARIS how the topics of Performance Management, Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance Management come together, collaborating the activities of all GRC roles of the company, supported by one integrated ARIS repository. From a compliance perspective, the added value of subscribing to an electronic Publisher, like ERC-EP for Finance in Europe, was mentioned to keep control of changing regulations and its impact on daily processes.

After the coffee break the ASR Case Study was discussed. It was really fun to experience the maturity of the companies in the audience. We did an exercise. All participants in the audience were standing, when they answered a question negative, they must sit down. What were the questions?

  1. Do you describe the company objectives per Business Line? Everyone was still standing
  2. Derived from objectives, do you describe the business processes? 20% sat down
  3. Do you describe the Risks and Controls within those processes? In total 60% sat down
  4. Do you test & monitor existence and effectiveness of the controls? Only 2 people (out of 40) were still standing
  5. So, are you in control than J? The answer of both tough guys was: “We think so!”

Actually this simple research shows us that we are very much willing to talk about a mature GRC situation, but we’re all together just at the beginning of getting ‘In control’. Structure, guidance and honesty are prerequisites for that. The ASR Case Study was great input for that.

Dr. Olaf Klein finished the interesting event with a Banking Case Study, talking about Hedge Funds processing. He shared some interesting experiences supported by the webMethods platform of Software AG.

Tanguy Petyre, Managing Director of IDS Scheer BE/LUX, summarized the valuable presentations in an excellent way and guided us to the awesome view in the cocktail bar. Mission accomplished.

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