We need you expertise!

We are using ARIS 10 Architect as well as UML Designer.

We have made model in ARIS Architect which object has assignment to the model located in ARIS UML Designer.

Is there any option to make a script in ARIS Architect which could have an access to UML Designer model and put it into the output file. The Aris Architect   ConnectableDef - Method AssignedModels () did not see the UML2 models from UML Designers.

Any idea?


var  output = new OutputObject("Document");


var asng_s = ARIS_Architect_object.AssignedModels ();
    for( var j = 0; j < asng_s.length; j++ ){
        output.getOutput().OutputLnF("", "P");
        output.getOutput().OutGraphic(asng_s[j].Graphic(false,false,locale), -1, output.getOutput().getCurrentMaxWidth(), (output.getOutput().GetPageHeight() - output.getOutput().GetTopMargin() - output.getOutput().GetBottomMargin() - 20));
        output.getOutput().OutputLnF("", "P");