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Hello everyone,

I'm quite new to Aris reporting. Currently I'm working on custom report using WYSIWYG editor. I need to display some connected objects attributes in selected objects attributes table (in that case the name of an object connected by is_carryed_out_by connection). Objects are filtered based on their symbol type (there is no possibilty to use object type directly).

I've been trying to follow this guide: Layouting report | ARIS BPM Community (ariscommunity.com) (cf. Eva Klein posts).

You may find all relative screenshots in the attachements part.

When I'm launching newly created report, I seem to have a problem. Instead of having my desired table, I have simply an empty space. It does not even show table headers. That seems quite odd, since I double-checked all connection names/gid's as well as symbol types. There is no typos. And even while I'm including all connections instead of the desired one, the table does not appear as well. It works fine without connections_filtered query. However I have to use it in order to retrieve connected objects.

Could you please help me to solve this problem? 


Thank you in advance.




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