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Hello dear ARIS Community,

I am writing my master thesis in connection with ARIS Archtitect 9 and unfortunately I am not making any progress with my simulation. I would like to model the effects of risks on the processing time of a function. 

As part of my risk modeling, I can assign the probability of the damage to the risk object under the Simulation attribute (that's good and I need it exactly the same way), but the damage amount under the Simulation attribute only refers to the financial damage. I would like to simulate the occurrence of risks on the processing time of the function. 

An example: 
The risk arrives at 50%. When it arrives, the processing time of the function increases from 5 to 8 minutes. 

Is it possible to model and simulate this in EPC in ARIS? Especially important for me is how I set this risk. 
Can someone help me, you are my last hope. 

I would be very grateful for your help. 

With kind regards