i do have trouble starting ARIS 9.8 with a local server installed on a notebook.

We do have an aris design server in our windows domain, and our users working local on their workstations with a connection to that server.

Now one department needs an aris installation local on a notebook with a local database.

I installed everything according to the official documentation. (checked: install aris with local database, did not use a license zipfile during the installation, because we are handling the license management via the umc)

After the successful installation i did connect to our server once, to get a license for the notebook.

But i can not connect to the local database now.

When i start the Aris Client (Architect & Designer) i get an empty connection window. If i use Server: "localhost" User: "System" PW: "Manager" it says The connection can not be established, please check username, password and client.

With the serveradministrator i tried to connect: "server localhost:14102 (like its is written in the arisclient.cfg: absport value="14102") default system manager" but i only get asked to type in a password. (Manager does not work).

I hope someone can tell me what i'm doing wrong.