I wanted to check the feasibility for a couple of requests in ARIS MashZone that we got from a prospect.

1. Multi Select

We have a table that has a column with 10 different possible entries, lets say countries. Is it possible to filter this table for 3 different entries (e.g. Germany, Austria and Switzerland). AFAIK, there is no support for multi-select, and I succeeded in filtering for different columns. But is there a possible workaround for implementing a multi-select?

2. Link to different tab from table

Cx has the requirement to open a different tab with already selected filter when user clicks on an entry (or link) in a table. I found you could somehow do this by creating a link in the data feed, however, this link opens a new tab in Browser. But is that possible to do this in the same browser window?

3. Automated Export

Is it somehow possible to export a dashboard image from a chart on a scheduled basis or are there any experiences in this?


Any help is highly appreciated!




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