Good afternoon,

I am using Aris Architect/Designer 98.7.

I have written a macro script that automatically generated 1'500 models based on an Excel input file. The models are of type Constants.MT_INFO_FLW_DGM  and Constants.MT_PRG_STRCT_CHRT with tens of connected objects.

Unfortunately the macro stops after a few hundred models despite increasing the memory of the abs_m modeling component. I was wandering if you could provide any figure with respect to the limitations of the Designer Component Interface. The only reference I have found in the documentation states that :

For example, processing capacities are exceeded if models and diagrams transcend the size of the modeling area or an extremely high number of processing operations is started simultaneously. Physical limits may be exceeded if the memory available is not sufficient for the execution of operations or the storage of data.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards.