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... well, I don´t know why IT Analysts from Gartner call their tool vendor evaluations “magic”.

But for me, it´s clear:

  • You can see … one glance who can do it (and who can´t).
  • You can see …
    …behind the scene and learn about the vendor´s and product´s strengths but also what you should take care of.
  • You can see …
    …the future because Gartner elaborates future trends and “predicts” what will [highly probably] happen.

Gartner´s BPA Magic Quadrant
Source: Gartner (February 2010)

Now talking about IDS Scheer:
Is it magic that ARIS is again evaluated as the leader product

  • Not only with bright ideas
    (best visionaries)
  • But also being able to do it!
    (best ability to execute)

Some people think it´s magic because ARIS – again and again– has achieved this.

But to be honest, I don´t think this positioning is magic:
In completing questionnaires (… with many, many questions…) and running several presentations and discussions with Gartner by us and also by our clients, we could prove that ARIS has deserved the top right corner, above the competition.

Although it´s not “magic”, the entire ARIS team is– obviously – very proud of this excellent market evaluation by an independent and very well accepted research company! No doubt about this. :-)

But please make up your own mind and find out yourself: Take a look on our homepage You will find a link there, which gets you to the full report for

  • Business Process Analysis and
  • Enterprise Architecture.
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